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COMBO: Let's Talk About Teens + Body Safety (May-June 2024)

Join us as we talk about the age group that everyone worries about: TEENAGERS! See, they're not adults - yet. And, they're somehow still kids but they don't know it. It's a very difficult balance and one that is necessary to be able to strike as we strengthen a relationship before they're off into the world!

The workshop is split up into 4 modules - each done on a separate day.

  • Day 1: Inside the teenage mind! 
    • How the brain works. 
    • The Invisible Audience
    • Friends & why they're so important
    • Self confidence through the changes.
  • Day 2: Winning the conversation
    • Power Struggles: let's stop yelling
    • Listening vs. Hearing
    • Quality conversations vs. Stubborn Responses 
  • Day 3: Relationships, love, crushes & heartbreak
    • Puberty, sex education
    • Relationships: right/wrong, age appropriateness
    • Love and heartbreak 
    • Bullying, kindness and more
  • Day 4: Moving Forward: Connections for life!
    • The calendar: Studying and extracurriculars
    • Respect, boundaries and strengthening the relationship 
  • Day 5: BONUS online: Questions and Answers just for you as an extra thank you!

Dates that will take place in person in Dubai from 9 am to 1 pm UAE time are:

  1. Day 1: Monday, May 20
  2. Day 2: Thursday, May 23
  3. Day 3: Monday, May 27
  4. Day 4: Thursday, May 30
  5. Bonus Day 5 Online: Q&A Monday May 26 10 am - 12 pm
Body Safety:
All the questions we wished the adults in our life answered before to give us a sense of safety - and with the exposure our kids are facing, if we don’t respond to those questions with honesty and knowledge, they will go to find them elsewhere! Suitable for parents of kids ages 1.5 to 18+
We will understand how, when and why to respond!
Topics include:
- Privacy & boundaries 
- What is my body?
- Puberty
- Sex education 
- Sexual harassment 
- Body image 
- Screen Safety

This will be done in a small group setting in Dubai on June 6th.

Time: 9 am to 1 pm (4 hours)

Cancellation Policy: A full refund can be issued should cancellation take place 72 hours in advance. Otherwise we can credit the refund to other sessions within our many services. 


Hanan Ezzeldin, our founder, is the main trainer. She is a mother of a teenager, has firsthand experience of 13 + years of dealing with teenagers in classrooms in the UAE, Switzerland, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in some of the best schools in the world. She has a masters degree in secondary education, a licensed positive discipline educator for parents and teachers as well as an IB diploma lead examiner in IB Economics.